Panedge World

PANEDGE appears on May 5, 2000, as a result of the identification of a lack of the national industry of panels for entrance doors. For this reason, the beginnings of the activity were directed to the industry of door panels for PVC frames, and later, in the supply of door panels for aluminum frames.

In 2006, PANEDGE acquired Duskarte, a company dedicated to the art of decorative glass, allowing a greater flexibility and diversity of the products. PANEDGE, in view of the constant evolution of his internal quality standards, and the necessity to increase his capacity production, decides in 2006 acquires the first Computerized Numerical Control Machining Center (CNC) to technologically modernize the production.

In January 2007, PANEDGE move to his actual establishment in the Industrial Estate of Vagos, starting to work in modern infrastructures, optimizing the manufacturing processes through the acquisition of new equipment, like the Thermoforming machine and the 2k glue dispenser.

PANEDGE controls the entire manufacturing process of his products, as a result, in 2014 the company obtained the certification under the NP IN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Today, with the experience gained, PANEDGE is a leading provider of quality, safety and individualized design in the construction of decorative panels for exterior doors. Its north has remained faithful since its foundation.


What inspire us
Know-how and

PANEDGE is dedicated to the production of entrance door panels, offering innovative solutions that respect market trends, combining know-how and technology, always keeping the customer in mind as a source of inspiration for the growth of the organization.


Rigor and performance

PANEDGE intends to be recognized as a benchmark company in the door panel market, sustaining its growth based on meeting the needs of its collaborators, clients and partners.


and Trust

PANEDGE values transparency, loyalty, team spirit, cooperation and mutual respect. It aims to be an example of integrity and trust, for his collaborators, clients and partners.

Quality Politics

Pillar of Quality

Aware of the importance of the Quality Management System, PANEDGE establishes the following strategic objectives:

  • Meeting the needs and expectations of our employees, customers and partners;
  • Development of new products according to market trends;
  • Conquest of new markets in a gradual and thoughtful way;
  • Constant improvement of working conditions and infrastructure;
  • Commitment to the continuous training of our employees;
  • Increased sales profitability.

Technical Solutions

Manufacturing Processes

Thermoforming of PVC sheets for the manufacture of the OLYMPUS collection panels.

Technical Solutions

Manufactoring Processes

Sheet lamination with decorative film.

Technical Solutions

Manufactoring Processes

Stamping of aluminium sheets for the manufacture of the AQUA collection panels.

Technical Solutions

Manufactoring Processes
CNC Machining

Milling of aluminium and PVC sheets, opening for glass and core machining

Technical Solutions

Manufactoring Processes
Welding Section

Manufacture of moldings and iron grids for the manufacture of the METROPOLE collection panels.

Technical Solutions

Manufactoring Processes
Thermal Coating

Treatment and lacquering of aluminium sheet.

Technical Solutions

Manufactoring Processes

XPS cutting for the manufacture of cores.

Technical Solutions

Manufactoring Processes

Manufacture of decorative glass.

Technical Solutions

Manufactoring Processes
Press Section

Assembly and gluing of panels.

Technical Solutions

Manufactoring Processes
Panels Cut

Under request cut panels.

Technical Solutions

Manufactoring Processes
Finishing Section

Finishing and quality control of the final product.


For a Better

Because there is no Planet B, PANEDGE is focused on contributing to a more sustainable planet. In addition of installing ecopoints in the company for recycling industrial and domestic waste, PANEDGE installed recently 112 photovoltaic solar panels, thus avoiding the annual emission of 48,53 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere (if these CO2 values were released into the atmosphere, it would take 303 trees to capture this pollution).

The adoption of sustainable environmental practices is, from PANEDGEs perspective, a fundamental issue for the continuity of the industrials activities.